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Electronic Prescriptions with DrScribe RxManager  


With DrScribe’s RxManager, you can say goodbye to handwriting prescriptions and ordering custom prescription pads forever. You can easily create and track medications, radiology, and laboratory prescriptions from anywhere with this powerful, web-based application.


Not only do our physicians save time, resources, and the environment by writing secure, electronic prescriptions, they dramatically reduce the number of misfilled prescriptions, medication errors, lower costs, have real-time access to patient medication histories and prescription options, thus, enhancing patient care and safety.


You can rapidly review your patient’s medication history, create prescriptions and refills with a few mouse-clicks and let DrScribe RxManager worry about faxing your prescriptions to the destination of your choice. Best of all, if you purchase two products from our practice management suite, you get DrScribe RxManager free for all your users and locations.


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