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Drug Prescriptions  

With DrScribe Rx Manager, creating and tracking drug prescriptions has never been easier. Take a look at some of our prescription features and learn for yourself.

§          Quickly glance through each patient’s allergies and relevant reactions before prescribing any medications.

§          View all medications along with doses, frequency, start and end dates in tabular for fast analysis of your patient’s medications list.

§          Select from a list of over 50,000 medications with appropriate doses with the click of a mouse.

§          Short-list your frequently used drugs for even faster access and selection.

§          Write special instructions with every medication.

§          Automatically calculate total amount of medication based on the number of refills.

§          Define drug specific pre-fills for faster prescription creation and refills.

§          Security paper is utilized for all prescriptions which differentiates originals from copies.

§          All prescriptions are marked with unique sequential IDs to prevent duplication and fraudulent prescriptions

§          All controlled substance prescriptions required hand-written signatures and cannot be faxed or refilled.

§          Keep track of prior prescriptions and when and where they were faxed.

§          Print or Fax your prescriptions with the click of a mouse.


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