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DrScribe Document Manager is your HIPAA compliant solution to eliminate ALL paper documents from your organization and giving you the ability to digitally store your documents long-term without ever needing more real estate. This application is guaranteed to resolve your real estate nightmares giving you back valuable space in your office.

With extensive document imaging experience and expertise in this area, DrScribe will work with your team to help design an efficient electronic storage model. Your organization will be able to access and retrieve any patient’s records within seconds from any computer locally or remotely. Your records are protected behind highly secure Cisco firewalls that looks out for unwanted visitors and stops them in their tracks.

DrScribe’s document image scanning service can assist you in capturing high-quality images of your older paper records. Depending on your need and space situation, our friendly staff can work on-site or remotely to rapidly scan your documents with its high-speed, high-quality scanners. Our technology partners have enabled us to achieve this goal with many customers in the past scanning over a million documents in less than four months. We will sit with you to custom plan the implementation and budget exclusively to best meet your needs.

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