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Internet Accessibility  

The number one reason why physicians love the DrScribe's suite of products is the accessibility features built into all its applications. The Document Manager is no different in that aspect. This product was designed with anytime-anywhere secure access in mind. DrScribe has spent years writing efficient code to streamline access to any type of record. Be it a simple follow-up note or a large imaging study, you can be sure to receive world-class performance. Your medical staff can access records in one of many ways:
  1. Desktop or laptop PCs within their offices over a Local Area Network connection.
  2. Desktop or laptop PCs within their offices over a Wide Area Network connection.
  3. Laptops connected through a cellular connection.
  4. Cellular phones via WiFi or cellular connection – This feature works great, but not the best option for users with weak eyesight.

With such built-in flexibility and accessibility, this product is a life-saver for physicians on call. They can be anywhere at anytime and still have information at their fingertips.



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