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Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits  

As you start using the Document Manager, you will realize the true potential of your practice.

·          Ease of use.

·          Quick retrieval of inbound faxes

·          Select documents electronically and fax

·          Annotate documents as needed without impacting the integrity of your original document.

·          Forward documents to single or multiple users for review

·          Electronically mark documents as reviewed

·          Mark studies as Normal or Abnormal.

·          Mark document review status as Urgent

·          Easily select and print documents for Medical Records Transfer requests.

·          Save documents to disk if you choose to give records to your patients in electronic format.

·          View your document’s audit details. Who read it, when it was read and what annotations were made.

·          Electronically fax single or multiple documents directly to your destination.

·          View fax history for every document that was sent out.

·          Reduce your telephone line expenses by eliminating few lines as needed

·          Give out only one fax number to all your providers and hospitals for IN and OUT bound faxes.

·          Monitor practice-wide fax transmission and receipt history from a single console.

·          Easily watch for failed faxes and resubmit with a single mouse click.

·          Soon to be released, unified communications integration will allow you to call patients and doctors directly from your computer. 



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