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How many times has your staff had to hunt and dig for charts simply to find out whether a certain document was faxed to the requesting entity? If you add up all the times your medical records department does that, we bet the number of man hours converted to hard dollars would be hard to stomach. With insurance reimbursements reducing year after year, the only weapon you have against this is to streamline your operations and run your practice like a well-oiled engine.

The fax history feature is a great time-saver especially for a specialists’ facility. Practices and hospitals that have heavy faxing requirements cannot survive if their communications are weak and difficult to monitor. You can now monitor all your outbound faxes with a detailed fax history for every document. You can see exactly who sent a fax, how many attempts were made at the exact date/time/second, and when the successful fax was transmitted.

Your medical records staff can monitor fax history for a single or multi-location facility from a fax console and send failed faxes with the click of a mouse.



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