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Myth: It is easier to deal with paper and keep my data safe.

In the paper world, it is a lot easier to track document changes when users handwrite or highlight text on a piece of paper; however,
- Hopefully, you will be able to recognize their handwriting.
- You will not know when the change was made to the document.
- Hand-written notes on a document spoil the integrity of your document.
- If your staff puts a sticky note on the document, you have to remove and not lose it if you have to fax the document.

With the DrScribe Document Manager, all of the above mentioned worries are gone.

  • Our system allows users to make unlimited notes per document without putting a single mark on your document.
  • Every document has its own audit thread which keeps track of
    • Who created the document
    • Which user loaded the document into the Document Management system
    • If a document is forwarded to a single or multiple users’ inboxes, a thread is maintained which logs when a user reviewed that document.
    • If a user annotates a document, that user’s initials are maintained at the document level. This allows everyone in the practice to view the status of a document and does not require the staff to ask each other constantly if they have reviewed items in their inbox.
  • With such detailed auditing options available, you can be sure that your documents’ security is never breached and smooth, effective communication is the norm in your organization.


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