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Myth: My data is safer if I store it on-site.
DrScribe is committed to protecting your precious data and making it available to you at all times.

Most organizations think that their data is in safer hands when they can be in physical contact with their equipment. For your peace of mind, DrScribe offers premise-based solutions also; however, after learning the benefits of off-site, redundant storage, none of our customers have opted to store their data inside their office.

What some vendors consider a luxury, we consider necessity. In DrScribe’s opinion, having critical data available at all times is not a luxury, but a matter of offering a sophisticated level of service to your patients and partners in the healthcare industry.


  • How many more sleepless nights are you willing to have wondering if Jane Doe remembered to backup your server? With the DrScribe platform your backup worries are gone.
    • Database Mirroring: Hot backups of your database are made on backup servers. In the event of hardware failure, your database access is automatically routed to your backup database.
    • Document Replication: All your scanned and fax documents are stored on not on your single server, but your data is replicated across three servers instantly. Yes, it is replicated to two more devices within seconds of data creation or modification.
    • Out-of-State Replication: If you choose to have your data in two geographically separate locations, DrScribe can host your data at a second location for a very reasonable monthly fee.
    • Data Snapshots: Storage technologies utilized by DrScribe are one the best available in the information technology industry today. Our NAS (Network Attached Storage) servers are configurable to offer snapshots of your data. This means that in addition to live replication, you can go back and find files that you might have inadvertently deleted or modified in between your nightly backups.
  • Why do I have to logoff each time my database is backed up?
    • Some systems require users to logoff before a backup process can begin and complete. This is because of architecture of the database system in use. Sophisticated Relational Database Management Systems architectures permit you to do backup your database while users are still working.
    • Some backup technologies allow hot backups of your database, but locked rows of data are skipped which means some data is not really backed up until a user releases those rows.
    • DrScribe utilizes backup technologies that permit hot backups with even locked rows. This means all your data is guaranteed to be backed up.

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