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What a comfort and pleasure would it be if you could access your X-ray, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, CT, Stress Test, and MRI studies from your desktop? For facilities offering on-site and mobile diagnostic imaging services, this is a dream come true. Imagine the possibilities.
  1. Stress Test technician performs a test that ends at 9:45 am.
  2. The cardiologist reads the study online using a DICOM viewer
  3. Cardiologist dictates notes for this study.
  4. Instead of printing the study for review by the patient’s provider, the stress technician saves the Stress Test image in JPEG file format and loads it directly into the DrScribe Document Management system.
  5. Study is either dictated or typed directly into the EMR.
  6. Patient’s provider gets done seeing his current patient and checks his inbox to see the Stress Test results awaiting his review.
  7. Provider reviews test results and calls the patient or requests his medical assistant to share news of the test results.

For larger facilities where efficient diagnostic imaging operations are a critical success factor, DrScribe can offer comprehensive DICOM solutions that are guaranteed to meet your imaging needs quickly and cost effectively. Call us now to learn more about integrating your PACS servers with the DrScribe Document Manager.


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