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Network Management
Businesses with high transaction volume cannot require virtually 100% uptime. Our experts can help you prevent network problems by identifying potential trouble spots before a failure occurs.

Time is money when your business is dependent on your network's ability to deliver. DrScribe’s lead network personnel jointly deliver over 50 years of hands-on, problem solving experience ranging in heterogeneous networks running multiple flavors of Unix (Solaris, Linux, SCO, HP-UX, etc.) and Windows environments. This means no guess work and lab experiments at your expense. If necessary, our personnel will work closely with world technology leaders to resolve your issues rapidly.
Following is a listing of our Network Management capabilities:

  • Manage distributed IT resources across the enterprise
  • Monitor, manage and tune network elements such as computer systems, databases and applications.
  • Real-time performance analysis and management of all your network resources
    • Monitor performance metrics such as bandwidth, round trip time, and packet loss
    • Determine interdependencies between network elements
    • Identify and resolve network bottlenecks

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