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DrScribe offers network support and maintenance contracts to proactively protect your network of PCs and connectivity devices. Our personnel have extensive experience in supporting large, heterogeneous network environments ranging from desktops and workstations to multi-processor servers and high-end network devices.


 Some of our preventive maintenance procedures include:

·          Adware detection and removal

·          Spyware detection and removal

·          Spam restriction and protection

·          Operating system maintenance and optimization for better performance and faster connectivity

·          Manage local and network printing devices

·          Sniff and analyze  your network devices to detect potential problems

·          Manage and monitor routers, firewalls and VPNs


Our prices are one of the most reasonable in the market. Depending on the complexity of network, our rates range from $65.00-95.00/hour including travel time.


Call us for a free professional assessment of your network infrastructure. You will be glad you called.



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