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Laboratory Integration

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Laboratory Integration

DrScribe has extensive experience with designing and programming HL7 compliant interfaces with various applications. Be it a laboratory device, diagnostic imaging peripheral, pharmacy, or oncology drugs inventory, you can be sure that DrScribe can provide you a custom integration solution designed to meet your requirements.


If your organization is married to its practice management product, no problem! DrScribe will work seamlessly with your vendor’s product via a HL7 data bridge to acquire accurate patient demographics in real time. No need to worry about re-keying in your detailed patient data. We are well aware that duplicate data entry not only exhausts your precious human resources, but also creates data integrity problems down the road.


Laboratory Integration Case Study:

Currently, most practices receive their lab results in the form of a fax, hard copy via mail, or by having an Internet PC and printer dedicated to print lab results for your practice location. Imagine the time and costs incurred to receive something as simple as a lab report. Let’s review a list of what can go wrong or consume your time:

1.       Paper mail takes a minimum of 2-3 days to arrive.

2.      If you need a report urgently, you can always call your laboratory and have them fax it urgently; however, you end up received a hard copy in the mail anyway.

3.       Your fax line could be busy.

4.       Your fax machine could be out of paper.

5.       If you’re electronically connected, many times the lab polling mechanism on your PC can freeze your PC because these programs are designed to poll preemptively for records even if no data is in the queue.


DrScribe is in the process of becoming a distribution hub for Quest Diagnostics. The process is as easy as 1-2-3.

1.      When lab requisitions are completed and results automatically delivered to the practice, the lab result can be automatically assigned to the patient’s chart and placed in the ordering provider’s Inbox.

2.       The physician reviews and signs the lab results online from his desktop, in the exam room, from the hospital, from his cell phone or from the luxury of his home.

3.       If the physician chooses to annotate and forward the results to his nurse, medical assistant or fellow physician, he can just as easily forward the same by the click of a mouse.


Feel free to contact us for a free assessment of laboratory integration requirements. 1.800.707.7594

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