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Whether you are looking to cut your IT maintenance costs or off-load your day-to-day server maintenance tasks such as applying timely security patches, ensuring nightly backups and keeping routers in synch with your server’s public access requirements, DrScribe can help you with all of the above. DrScribe utilizes highly redundant Dell servers along with the finest in network security equipment from Cisco and SonicWall.


Since 2003, DrScribe has been proudly offering hosting services to healthcare enterprises with guaranteed 99.999% uptime at promised bandwidth levels. Customers that follow our recommendations enjoy the luxury of multiple backups throughout the day with access to data snapshots that allow them to retrieve data inadvertently deleted during normal business hours. In addition to multiple backups, some of our customers have opted for additional multi-site hot backup servers which enables them the ultimate in peace of mind.


Our experienced team of engineers monitor server and network hardware constantly to ensure uptimes par to none. For HIPAA compliant access and the ultimate in security, we configure our routers to restrict intruders and setup highly secure VPN tunnels between your office(s) and our hosting facility.


Additionally, in the event your site experiences connection problems connecting to other resources on the Internet, we are readily available to diagnose and troubleshoot your problems.


Call us for a free, no obligation professional evaluation of your network infrastructure and hosting needs. 1.800.707.7594


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