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Technology Infrastructure  

The DrScribe Medical Transcription platform is designed utilizing multi-tier, state-of-the-art software and hardware technologies that offer:
  • Internet accessibility
  • Outstanding performance
  • Data redundancy
  • HIPAA privacy and data safety
  • HL7 integration for use with other platforms
  • Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, XML and HTML file formats
Software: We utilize latest Microsoft technologies that, in addition to HIPAA compliance, offer highest application performance, security, server clustering, file replication, database mirroring and fax integration.

Hardware: DrScribe’s server hardware platform technologies comprise of Dell and other specialty multi-path IO hardware providers.

Backup Software/Hardware: In addition to live replication, DrScribe data is backed up using enterprise backup technologies from Veritas and a robotic tape library solution from Hewlett Packard.

Network Hardware: All DrScribe data center traffic is routed through gigabit-speed Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls to continuously detect, prevent, and log unwanted intruders.

Power Redundancy: DrScribe server and networking hardware is protected from power surges and failures using APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies. In addition to preventing instant electrical failover downtimes, our infrastructure is powered by automatic failover power generators that can handle days of power downtime in the event of a serious natural disaster.

Geographic Redundancy: Having complete hardware redundancy is a luxury for most transcription providers; however, DrScribe has taken redundancy to another level. We are in the process of offering complete geographic redundancy to our customers at No Extra Cost.


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