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How Am I Going To Save?
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How Am I Going to Save?  

If we had to describe DrScibe’s products and services in one word, it would be “efficiency”; i.e., high quality services at affordable prices. We guarantee you will cut cost in just about every department of your healthcare enterprise.

  • Time is Money – DrScribe offers 24x7 service to all its customers. You will not be wasting your time by having to call us numerous times in your time of need.
  • Pricing – Unlike other transcription service providers, DrScribe follows American Association of Medical Transcription’s 65-characters per line count guideline. You can be sure that WE WILL NOT
    • Confuse you with a variety of line count pricing models
    • Charge you for headers and footers
    • Charge you for gross lines
    • Inflate per page prices by using LARGE FONTS.
  • Accessibility - Enjoy the luxury of accessing your records from anywhere at anytime. Physicians are no more bound to their offices to make clinical decisions.
  • Efficiency - Physicians can Review, Edit, Approve, Sign and Fax your dictation with the click of a mouse.
  • STAT files – If you are a non-STAT customer, DrScribe offers STAT work at regular prices for your once-in-a-while urgent file requirements.
  • Accuracy – Integrate DrScribe with your medical records department and increase the accuracy of your records.
  • Computing Resources – With zero hardware and software expenses, you can now store all your transcripts safely and securely on the HIPAA compliant DrScribe platform.
  • Go Paperless – Going electronic on the DrScribe platform will save you thousands in hardware expenses and help your organization be eco-friendly.
  • Shredding Expenses – If there is no paper, there shall be no shredding expenses.
  • Real Estate – Get your office back by reducing paper records storage space requirements.

Call DrScribe for a free assessment of your medical records workflow and begin your Free Trial. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


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