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How Do I Dictate?  

Depending upon your dictation preference, DrScribe offers you the option to dictate by telephone or digital recorder. Call our office for an online web installation to familiarize yourself with the process.

Dictations Easy as 1-2-3:
  • You can dictate using a telephone or digital voice recorder.
  • An experienced transcriptionist types your notes into digital format quickly.
  • You review, approve, and fax your transcriptions securely over the Internet.
By Telephone:
  • The DrScribe IVR is available 24x7x365 to call in dictations
  • You can call a local or toll-free number
  • The key combinations are extremely easy to use and intuitive. They are designed like a CD player; i.e., Left(4) for rewind and Right(6) for forward
  • Upon completion, your audio files are instantly backed up to avoid any data loss
  • You have the option to mark your dictations as STAT
By Digital Recorder:
  • You may use any digital recorder that supports DSS format and User ID assignment. This helps us identify the user from whom we receive files.
  • If your recorder does not support User ID assignment, you can rename and send the files securely over the Internet.
  • You will require an Internet PC with MS-Windows XP or Vista
  • All data transferred from your PC meets HIPAA requirements.
  • Your audio files are immediately backed up to you local PC before transmitting to the DrScribe server.
  • To protect patient privacy, audio files are encrypted before backing up to your PC.
  • The DrScribe.net program is used to automatically detect and send audio files from your PC to the DrScribe server. No additional special data handling is required.
  • Installation: Call our office



Digital Recorder

Walk around in the office while dictating


Require Internet PC to upload audio


Unlimited Pause Length


Edit multiple dictation audio files


High Quality Audio files

Audio available on Internet

Audio attached to transcribed files

Highly Compressed File Sizes

VOX file format


Initial time to dial-in


Load files from anywhere


DSS file Format


WAV file format

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