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Below are questions most frequently asked by healthcare providers seeking medical transcription solutions. Simply move your mouse over the questions below and an answer will pop-up. You are always welcome to call 1.800.707.7594 , e-Mail or Live Chat with us so we can better answer all your questions.




  • Will I really save on paper?
    No doubt, you will save paper. You can store your notes online and fax them electronically as well saving on cover pages, envelopes, stamps and, most importantly, on time.
  • Will my staff have more time to do other things?
    With the time savings from having to hunt charts and effortlessly sending documents over the Internet, your staff is bound to become more efficient.
  • How does faxing help me save?
    DrScribe’s Electronic Faxing is not only a time saver, but a pleasure to use. You can simply search referring physicians by first and last name, click insert referring physician fax number, and hit Send Fax.
  • Can I really save on stamps?
    Yes, all our electronic faxes are sent out with a HIPAA warning cover page. This saves you from buying stamps and evelopes.
  • Will I save on hardware?
    Our software works on any HIPAA compliant Windows XP or Vista PC. No additional special hardware or software applications are required to run DrScribe.




  • Is DrScribe HIPAA compliant?
    Yes, DrScribe data is stored, managed and transported securely over 128-bit SSL meeting HIPAA standards.
  • How SECURE is your system?
    We utilize the highest levels of encryption for your dictations and the web-based interface that allows you to review your online documents. DrScribe has implemented 128-bit encryption for all its systems.
  • Where does my data reside?
    All data files and databases are stored on multiple, highly redundant servers.


  • How much does the service cost?
    There is no minimum spending requirement to use the DrScribe service. Not all practices are the same. DrScribe will work with you to understand your dictation volume requirements. We also offer discounts to non-profit community health centers.
  • What are DrScribe’s typical billing terms?
    DrScribe bills once a month at the end of the calendar month.
  • Can I receive consolidated billing?
    DrScribe offers consolidated billing for doctor groups to simplify accounting and keep administrative costs low.
  • What is the cost and definition of a line?
    According to the AAMT, one line is 65-characters with spaces. Partial sentences are not counted as a full line. If you are still looking, we suggest you ask every vendor this question. We can customize your pricing based on the service options you choose.
  • Do you offer sample templates, etc., at extra charge?
    All templates are offered courtesy of DrScribe. You will never be charged for requesting formatting change requests.
  • What EXTRAS do I get?
    Being a full service technology firm, we can guarantee discounted rates on computing equipment and technology consulting services including networking, systems integration, and software to make your business more efficient and profitable.

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